Logistics is one domain which is required by every business at one point of time and it is the medium   which connects you  to your customer and his satisfaction is highly dependent on how you  deliver the product, if the logistic partner is unable to deliver  the desired product  demanded  by the customer then it puts your reputation on stake. There are tons of companies claiming to be top Logistics company in India, so it can be really confusing, so to make your work easier and to maintain your position in the market
There are few things one must keep in mind while selecting a Logistics partner:

1.Speed of delivery: For Some companies fast delivery is crucial, In that case time becomes a major factor while considering a logistics partner .One must choose a partner which have the facility of same day delivery, next day delivery or if it’s a local service provider then there should be an option of delivery with in 3-4 hrs in case of emergency situations.

2.Type of service required and area covered: It really depends on the no of packages ,size of package ,how  far your sending, how many times u have to send in a month. Your selection must be based on which service provider is able to provide you best service at a reasonable price,If you want to send packages locally for eg there is a manufacturing plant of an automobile company and they need glass and their supplier is in delhi itself and then can make use of a transport company in Delhi  for delivery of goods.

If you want to send consignments on regional or national basis then a logistic company which has a huge network is preferable .There are other type of services like Full load, Part load and shared user distribution service. So choose a service provider which is making your work simplified and smooth.

3.security : Like a mother takes care of a child, the products are  like child of the manufacturer ,in same way security of the goods should be  the  priority of your logistics partner. He must keep proper care of storing and insure that   there is no damage to the goods,   and make sure the goods are properly insured , he will be held accountable if something wrong happens. He will be liable for the losses suffered by party.
What are their policies for insurance or at the time of break down.Enquire about their policies before coming to a conclusion.

As they say “the only source of knowledge is experience”,select an experienced  collaborator as he  would know all the hacks and a trained and well knowledgeable service provider is required for providing extraordinary service.

5.Flexibility: Choose a partner who is willing   to make adjustments according to your need and  willing to provide your special services like emergency delivery, or  helping with on loading and off-loading, Door to door delivery etc.

6.Legal Requirement : An expert in this field will take care of all  the  legal formalities required for the movement of goods, he should be well prepared to tackle the judicial requirements  and will handle the  matters on their  own.

7.Price: A logistic partner offering you the lowest price, so just on this basis would you select him? Price  is a factor, but it is not the only parameter to be considered, The 3pl partner must be pocket friendly and one must see is there any hidden cost involved, so you must choose wisely .


Logistics is a crucial element of our day-to-day business and selecting a logistics vendor is a very important decision when it comes to business operation ability. So, don’t forget to check the 7 basic factors to look for while selecting a logistics vendor.

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