Some expert tips for packaging of household items

Packaging of household items is very much tedious and complicated task. Even qualified professional need some experts tips in order to proceed the working smoothly, else they too get perplexed of this. We have tried to jot down various tips which have been collected by experience and are required to be followed in order to achieve safe and easy movement of your goods across cities.



List of items is a must!

It is advised to make a perfect and neat list of items along with necessary details; remember to make duplicate copy as well. One of them is to be retained with you and the other one is to be handed over to the transporter. These lists play a very important role in helping you giving all the details in one go, especially while unloading you will not miss any of the items and you will also be aware of boxes and packets containing specific items to be used immediately. As soon as you reach a new place you need some kitchen items and some other essential goods which if labelled properly enhance your convenience. This will decrease the labour and time, otherwise used to open all the boxes in order to find just one essential item.

Label them with specific signs!

Containers having fragile goods need to be marked with specific signs to help the loaders and unloaders. Signs saying “handle with care”, “this side up”, “fragile items” etc. are very good in order to warn and make everyone alert about the container. Generally movers and packers in Delhi are well aware of such things and keep their customers updated with such knowledge.

Layering is important

Every housewife dreams of those exotic and expensive crockery items. It takes years to buy that specific variety and then it is tendered with care. Many a times they are connected to specific memories and people you love. No one wants their hard earned money which is spent on such items easily get broken into pieces and for that it is advised:

Wrap your plates in a bundle of three, individually wrap each plate in proper layers which could include newspapers, bubble sheets or even foam sheets. Try placing them in standing positions and surround them with crushed thick layer of papers.

Small bowls, plates, saucers should form the second layer. No gap is to be left in between items, if attention is not given to fill such voids it could damage them due to crushing.

Generally it is advised while availing the truck services in Delhi ncr, to keep the weight limit of each container close to 50 kg and not more than 60 kg which facilitates easy handling and in turn gives more chances to be safe while transportation.

Plan well before packing              

Various transport services in Delhi provide you only transportation and in that case packaging is to be done at your end. Then one should chalk down to do list in advance and plan packaging in a systematic way.

Plan effectively and execute it in a best way, Have a Happy and Safe transportation!

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